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Macco HR Management System covers attendance, payroll and general HR management, which is applicable to a variety of industries.

The system can well regulate enterprise human resources management, and streamline the tedious affairs of attendance statistics and payroll calculation.

Program Features:

• Flexible schedule settings according to different needs: normal,regular and flexible schedule.
• Flexible settings for punch-card method, times and punch-card time according to different needs.
• Flexible day-off setting according to different types of schedule: one-day off,two-day off, one day and a half off and other different day off.
• Improved staff scheduling table, attendance amendment and statistic reports.
• Different types of employee payroll can be defined and conventional data can be imported directly from the text to the payroll table.
• Simple bank account management.Employee payroll information can be exported and submitted to bank deposit.
• Complete employee information management including education and training, work resumes, etc.
• Strict operator permissions can make the system more secure.
• System can support for a variety of attendance machines and download data from attendance machines or import data from text.