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Paper Trade Management System is designed for paper trade companies or departments which need integrated or single managemnt for their Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and General Ledger.

Program Features:

• System can fully support paper trade company's actual business activities and improve its working efficiency.
• System provides a built-in auto-conversion formula for converting weight and quantity for flat and volume papers as well as the inventory statistics.
• System enables users to handle multiple inventory and understand the paper material situation of all of them.
• Simple and friendly interface make the operation easier.
• Information selector can help effectively improve the speed of data entry; diversified query used in combination can help find out the wanted information more easily and quickly.
• Strict operator permissions settings can make the system more secure and reliable; trust relationship setting can ensure the confidentiality of information among the staff; historical documentes can be retrieved as required.
• Modular structure design has good scalability and maintainability,which is helpful for providing rapid support for change requests.