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Garment ERP is a database application covering functions of Sales, Production Order, Production Scheduling, Material Control, Production Management, Purchasing Management, Outsourcing of Production and Inventory Management. Based on Production Order, this system can control various resources involved in the entire production process. It is applicable to production management of garment industry.

Program Features:

• Automatic production scheduling allows user to insert a new order or cancle an existing order at any time.
• Wage calculation becomes easy and convenient with printing capabilities of Feizai.
• Flexible price calculation allows user to easily calculate the profit per item.
• User can define the basic information of production order, material/accessaries, quality requirements, packing requirements and product sample etc.
• System can make material budget according to information of production order and paper sample;then material cost can be calculated based on actual quantity in order to facilitate user’s timely monitoring of the material cost.
• System provides information and statistics report for sales, purchasing, inventory and production etc.
• Strict operator permissions make the system more secure.