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Attendance Management module process employee's card-punching data. Data can be imported directly from the attendance machine and be processed as overtime, leave, more punch times or less punch times.

1.Data Import

  • Data can be exported from the machine as txt and then be importd into system.
  • Freely set the data import format
  • Directly connet with the machine to download the data

2.Shift settings

  • Specify sheift for corresponding employee
  • set the most commonly used shift, and whether to allow early entry, departure delay and overtime hours
  • handle regular shifts, such as three shifts or four shifts
  • set irregular shift flexibly

3.Exceptional situation handling

  • Redo card-punching
  • Leaving or going out
  • Days off and make up working time
  • Temporary shift
  • Overtime
  • All the above exceptional situations can be handled by one employee at a time or by multiple employees at a batch
  • All the above exceptional information can be exported to Excel or txt document

4.Attendance Data

  • By time period, company, department, employee category
  • Generate detailed information on staff attendance
  • Generate detailed exceptional information on staff attendance
  • Generate the total length of time for various attendance items and time period


  • Including card-punching data, exceptional card-punching information, shift information, attendance information, leave information, days off and make up working time information etc.