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Accounts Receivable module manages accounts receivable, notes / cash and other information. It is also associated with sales invoices, sales refund and repayment of borrowing, while directly generating accounting documents from various items and importing them into general ledger.

1.Collection and Refund Bill

  • Record collection and refund bill information
  • Handle transactions in multiple currencies
  • Set the balance due date


  • Handle notes or cash information for prepayment
  • Handle transactions in multiple currencies
  • View the balance of prepayment
  • Handle the void and replaced note information

3. Receivables Processing

  • Handle sales invoices, collection bills, client's repayment of borrowing information
  • Use sales returns, refund bills to offset the receivables
  • Use notes and cash collection
  • Record the whereabouts of overcharged amount (as pre-payment or as income)
  • Handle undercharge information

4.Formal Receipt

  • Issue one receipt for one client's multiple collection records
  • Record the payment summary

5.Monthly Statement

  • Do monthly statement for several consecutive months at one time
  • Check if the documents have been confirmed before monthly statement

6. Account Receivable Data

  • Report on collected and uncollected receivables, including receivables ledger, outstanding bills, monthly balances, debts information, collection records and bill aging analysis
  • Report on the client transaction amount, including: client transaction amount table