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The RFL product is the determination of patients' overall cardio-metabolic health, based on various studies and calculations. The RFL application is being created in response a growing number of patients, and the need to process patient study data more efficiently.

Business situation

RFL plans to open a dedicated clinic to serve the growing number of patients, which will greatly increase the amount of patient data to be processed and evaluated. Currently, all patient data is entered and processed manually by RFL doctors. Because the data entry and evaluation is manual, reexamination of data and error-checking is necessary.

Business Objectives

The objective of the RFL application is to eliminate all data entry and basic evaluative calculations in the processing of patient data, such that RFL doctors can concentrate on final patient evaluation and recommendations.
• Patient data may be reviewed on a 24/7 basis
• Simplify workflow
• Eliminate all manual data entry and calculation
• View patient's historical data
• Access to raw patient data, can enter or adjust data records

Solution & Features

The Robust for Life application is an instrument of patient evaluation, and will serve as a platform for continuing cardio-metabolic research for the benefit of humanity.
• Ability to collect patients' study data from various sources to a central, secured database.
• Ability for RFL Doctors to review patient data and reports.
• Ability for RFL Doctors to effortlessly output finalized patient reports.
• Ability to perform patient population data research.

Technical situation

RFL Application is created as the core function to manage the patient information, survey information, GIST test, BIOMARKER test, CIMT test, etc.

Mirth Connect is used. Mirth Connect is an open source cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports.

• CAMUS v2.0 H.I.S. captures patient data. The data will be push to offsite RFL Servers via a Secured Channel
• GIST lab result data will be push to RFL Servers via a Secured Channel
• BIOMARKER result data will be push to RFL Servers via a Secured Channel

DCM4CHEE PACS system is used. Dcm4che is a collection of open source applications and utilities for healthcare IT. The dcm4che suite of applications (DICOM toolkit, archive, etc.) are used worldwide by healthcare providers, research projects, open source applications, as well as commercial applications.

• CIMT Data and Images, from the Siemens S2000 (ultrasound device), will be to be sent to offsite RFL PACS via a Secured Channel
• The patient data will also be retrieved from PACS system

Key Functions

Lab facility performs test on fluids collected from the patient during a GIST (Glucose Insulin Stress Test) or Biomarker lab study. Data outputs, GIST or Biomarker will be transported to RFL database through Mirth Connect server. It is HL7 Standards v 2.4 Compliance.

PACS system serves as the interface and storage of the Siemens S2000 image and data output. DICOM images will be linked to the Robust For Life patient records, and integrated into the RFL application so that they can be selected and included in RFL reports.

Doctor analyzes RFL patient data and non-finalized reports from studies, selects appropriate Carotid IMT images for inclusion in final patient reports.

Products and services used

• Windows Server 2008
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• Tomcat 6.0.33
• Jboss Application server 4.2.3.GA
• PACS DCM4CHEE 2.16.2
• Sun's Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools 1.1
• Oviyam 0.9 R13641
• Mirth Connect 2.2.0