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Change and Configuration Management Solution for The Treasury of the Government of Hong Kong SAR

Managing the change and the configuration of thousands of hardware and software configuration items in production environment brings significant challenges. The Treasury needs to make sure changes that may potentially affect the production environment are properly evaluated and approved before their implementation. The Treasury requires the visibility of the accurate representation of the IT configuration items (CIs) and their relationships that enables better forecasting and planning of changes. The Treasury needs an integrated change and configuration management database solution which provides the IT service team with the visibility and processes they need to ensure the reliability and continuity of her IT services.

Maco provides Treasury an integrated change and configuration management database solution based on IBM suite of software products which are the best-of-breed IT service management solution in the industry.

In this project, we used the following major products from IBM:

  • Tivoli Change and Configuration Manager (CCMDB)
      It provides a robust configuration management database and an integrated platform for automating change and configuration management processes.
  • Tivoli Application Dependency Manager (TADDM)
      It is an agent-free discovery engine which helps discover configuration item relationships and dependencies. It allows you to visualize configurations, map applications and changes, and address compliance measures.

Services Offered

  • CMDB Immersion Training
  • TADDM Training
  • System Administration Training
  • Development Training
    • Reporting for CCMDB/TADDM Training
    • Workflow for CCMDB Training
    • Tailoring and Configuring for CCMDB Training
CCMDB Software Installation and Configuration
  • Install CCMDB middleware and applications
  • Install CCMDB Language Utilities
  • Integrating CCMDB with the Treasury’s Active Directory for authentication
  • Setting Up CCMDB Core Data
  • Configuring Tivoli Integration Adapter for the integration with TADDM
  • Importing TADDM Configuration Item data into CCMDB
TADDM Software Installation and Configuration
  • Installing TADDM Discovery Server, TADDM Database Server, TADDM Windows Gateway Server in the production network zone and dual-use anchor and gateway server in the DMZ .
  • Installing Bitvise WinSSHD software on the TADDM Windows Gateway servers
  • Integrating TADDM with the Treasury’s Active Directory for authentication
  • Configuring and running the TADDM discoveries for around 150 servers and 100 network devices
  • Customization of the CCMDB standard change management process to automate the Treasury’s existing manual change management process
  • Implementing custom IT processes
  • Creating custom CCMDB reports
  • Creating TADDM business application maps
  • Creating TADDM custom server templates to discover and categorize those "unknown" servers