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Swire Coca-Cola has seven plants in Mainland China. Each of them has numerous independent applications.

• Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd.
• Swire Guangdong Coca-Cola Ltd.
• Hangzhou BC Foods Company Ltd.
• Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Hefei Ltd.
• Nanjing BC Foods Company Ltd.
• Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Xiamen Ltd.
• Xian BC Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd.
• Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Zhengzhou Ltd.


• Independent applications result in not unified user interface and lack of unified management for enterprise information
• Multiple login for staff’s operation
• Difficult to provide technical support and hands-on training


Establish a unified enterprise information platform to integrate internal processes and independent applications to achieve the effective utilization of internal and external resources, improve efficiency, standardize management and promote collaboration.

• To aggregate the information and services of seven plants in China and Hong Kong headquarters
• To provide specific information and services for specific user groups
• To inherit respective application to achieve single sign-on
• To enhance collaboration to a new level
• To eliminate the barrier between different plants and headquarters
• To provide flexible and comprehensive internal search

Solution – The Unified Enterprise Portal

• To make a unified design for a simple, beautiful interface and a user-friendly gateway to the enterprise portal
• To enable staff to easily create and publish content in the enterprise portal
• To provide content management for plants, including gathering, editing, processing, auditing and release.
• To provide a unified document management library for all plants
• To provide surveys for all plants
• To provide online photo and video management for all plants
• To enhance collaboration among project teams and working groups with easily created team blog, forum, wiki and team calendar in the enterprise portal
• To provide enterprise users with instant messaging and web conference
• To provide flexible, comprehensive and accurate search in the enterprise portal
• To integrate all the major applications in the portal to make single sign-on possible

Why IBM?

IBM WebSphere Portal Server has been widely used in many organizations locally, regionally and worldwide.
IBM Lotus Web Content Management (IBM WCM) application is fully integrated with WebSphere portal. It can help organizations increase the efficiency and accuracy of website deployment by placing content creation in the hands of content experts-while IT can retain control.
• Through advanced personalization, IBM WCM can deliver the right information to the right audience exactly when they need it
• Simple, powerful rich text editing tools empowers line of business professionals and content owners to quickly create and manage rich web content without IT involvement
• Extensive support for personalization improves online experiences by building websites that can deliver highly targeted and dynamic content to the web user
• Configurable and re-useable workflow model ensure content lifecycle to follow existing business processes and approvals before going live

Key Components

• IBM WebSphere Portal
• IBM Workplace Web Content Management
• IBM Lotus Sametime
• IBM Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal
• IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition
• DB2

Key Benefits

Simplify Web Content Management

Adopt IBM WCM to achieve management of the entire information life cycle from content gathering, editing, processing, auditing to final release. End users can easily create and publish content in the enterprise portal. The use of IBM WCM has not only greatly improved the speed of web content management and broken the bottleneck of IT and Web site management, but also reduced the burden on IT staff.

• Multi-site, multi-channel, multi-repository content distribution and management
• Visual template editor, display what you want
• International multi-lingual content mangementt
• Workflow engine-driven content and collaboration

Eliminate Barriers of Time and Space

Provide enterprise user with instant messaging, web conferencing and social networking capabilities, eliminate barriers of time and space by integrating IBM Lotus Sametime.
The privacy and spontaneity of instant messaging help enterprise connects individuals and teams together. Instant messaging features of Lotus Sametime help enterprise achieve amazing cost savings.

• Faster and easier collaboration and decision-making processes and more efficient meeting increased productivity
• Instant messaging reduced telephone charges significantly
• Web conference reduced travel costs significantly

Flexible, comprehensive and accurate search

With the establishment and development of information systems, enterprise can accumulate a lot of business information which is stored in a database, file servers, mail systems, web pages and content management servers etc. The enterprise portal provides users with flexible, comprehensive and accurate search by integrating IBM Omnifind to find the information user needed.

• Scales to millions of documents and thousands of users
• Includes pre-built integrations for indexing data and content from file shares, databases, collaboration tools, content management systems, blogs, wikis, forums and more
• Staff can quickly and exactly find what they need in the portal

Enhance Teamwork

Integration of IBM Lotus Quickr is used for sharing daily business documents and facilitating team communication
Staff can easily create and share documents for project, team or himself in the portal, quickly set content library for all documents and rich media files. Staff can use check-in and check-out, version control and other tools to manage documents.
Staff can easily create a Lotus Quickr workspace including team blog, forum, wiki and team calendar.

• Project teams and work groups collaborate more effectively, including cross-region, cross-time zone and even external team members
• Eliminate or reduce duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies
• Share and access the latest team content and collaborate based on it
• Concentrate valuable resources to solve business problems, make full use of new ideas to accelerate new product launch
• Support team can establish and manage information and projects in a very secured environment without assistance of IT staff
• Provide an effective way to replace e-mail to store and manage content, relieve the overload of e-mail